mo man tai

mo man tai

slightly eccentric

mo man tai aims to surprise with products that entertain and impress in a convincing simple way. the clear, uncomplicated aesthetics and the combination of old traditions with modern production techniques form the base for timeless design and pleasure of use.  fair working conditions and local sources are essential to the brand’s philosophy. by using leftovers of industrial production and recycable material, mo man tai produces environmentally friendly.

Min: €0 Max: €15

mo man tai bike keychain

the typical symbol for amsterdam and dutch culture; the bike. this keychain is lasercut out of recycled stainless steel or aluminium. enjoy the ride. size 26mm x 45mm, 20mm keyring.


mo man tai gradient candles mix - 6x

the finishing touch for a stylish table decoration. these candles have a handmade blend and go from white to a fresh colour.


mo man tai tweet

digital communication is part of everyone's life. how refreshing and surprising is an oldfashioned handwritten note these days! use the tweet to let your lover know how you feel, or write something special to a friend.