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rains backpack mini pacific blue

this beauty is a modern rucksack in a cool design to fit people of all sizes who want to go for a sleek, stylish look.


pom amsterdam leopard premium shawl

chic, soft shawl with animal print design in multicolour.


pom amsterdam amsterdam shawl taupe woven

a fine, knitted shawl with a design of the typical Amsterdam canalhouses in the colours black and taupe.


pom amsterdam amsterdam shawl black white

a supple shawl with a design of the typical Amsterdam canalhouses in black and white. the shawl is finished with a teal green fringe trimming.


kesemy design amsterdam houses

the simple and stylish amsterdam houses are a gorgeous handcrafted design gift!


puc city trip bag light blue

this fine bag is ideal for a day's stroll through seville, copenhagen, or marrakesh. closes with flap and zip, extra phone pocket, inside pocket and adjustable strap.


karigar neutral mix cape merino

wear it in all kind of different ways! this delightful cape by karigar is the result of a marriage between traditional weaving techniques and high-end modern design.


mo man tai bike keychain

the typical symbol for amsterdam and dutch culture; the bike. this keychain is lasercut out of recycled stainless steel or aluminium. enjoy the ride. size 26mm x 45mm, 20mm keyring.


puik sico coaster set

perspective is playing a trick on you. these coasters in their refined geometrical design will fool you without a doubt.


komono crafted lulu sunglasses ivory demi

very cool design with high quality lenses, handcrafted italian acetate frame.


van tjalle & jasper minispot

talking about responsible local craftsmanship; this beautiful new icon is laser cut in the social workshop of tjalle ad jasper, in amsterdam-noord.


sprout sprout acorns

time to get green.

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