‘a beautiful product comes from a beautiful place’

shopping isn’t easy these days; not only does the offer seem to expand, also the heritage of products becomes more transparant. this is good news for today’s more conscious consumer; you get to choose. it is completely up to you to go for a (often) cheap item which most probably has a not so nice history, or to opt for a more durable and yes, fully admit, often more expensive choice.

having met artisans who are dedicated to crafting their creations, who are proud of their work and simply love what they do, made me decide to only offer consciously produced items at robins hood. by being able to work under good circumstances, and getting a fair reward for their efforts, these artisans are able to support their families and offer them the opportunity to grow. and I have personally seen that this works.

in Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, I met Heera, a woman who thanks to her ambition and fairtrade, now is able to use her skills, work under decent circumstances and enable her children to get education. being in her house, hearing her story, meeting her son, dressed up in his uniform and putting on his backpack to go to a renowned school, it made 100% sense to me. their pride completed the picture. this is the new way. this is the future.