fabulous vintage

vintage is not new. not the items themselves -obviously-, nor the use of items which were created in another era. however, only since a couple of years, this concept which was en vogue with the fashion forward and those who simply couldn’t afford new items, has drawn the attention of a wider audience.

vintage fits very well in the present increased interest in conscious consumption. why not enjoy items which already exist instead of having to produce new? and from an aesthetical point of view; you will notice what a boost of character a vintage item brings to your interior. again; fitting perfectly in the search for personal, unique environments, which reflect your personality.

robins hood’s team roams europe to get their hands on the most inspiring mid century vintage items available. a challenging, complex mission which brings them to many different and especially hidden places. the result is visible in store; an eclectic yet curated and coordinated mix of the old en the new. come by and have a look for yourself and discover your new old treasure.

for vintage furniture, robins hood cooperates with amsterdam based partner vanons.