hotel ix - boutique supreme

a boutique hotel amongst boutiques. named after the famous 9 streets, ix is the only real hotel directly in this area formerly known as a specialist shopping district. here you would find unique shops such as vintage stores and even a shop completely dedicated to selling all kinds of toothbrushes.. today's 9 streets is an upscale destination for shopping fanatics and urbanites. 

in the middle of a tempting variety of (coffee) bars and restaurants, hotel ix offers no additional facilities and encourages it’s guests to go out and enjoy all that this quaint neighbourhood has plenty of. and maybe mingle a little with the locals. which is a good idea. a historical building indeed, it used to be the home of rembrandt’s favourite frame maker. modern comfort with authentic details is to be found in only 5 rooms which all carry the name of one of the nine streets.  check out the berenstraat room, it has it’s own roofterrace. talking about typical amsterdam style! 

being a charming alternative to the regular hotel, new ix is recommended for a local experience for those city dwellers who wish to get to know stylish amsterdam. 

hartenstraat 8 – jordaan - +31208458451 -