Interior advice or interior arrest?

You’ve seen them on TV; interior programs where the poor contestants are confronted with a totally unexpected ‘upgrade’of their precious home. The surprised faces surely often hide the unease of being in a completely unrecognizable room, which has nothing to do with the owners lifes nor taste.

Not with me. The process of my unique interior consultancy service, which I exclusively developed, revolves around you. It’s all about your life, your house, your home. Ofcourse I help you to discover your taste, within the process. And I will be there to help you make the right choices, opt for surprising combinations. I will be there taking care of the practical side, creating your layout and guiding you on the sourcing of your new gems. Yet, it is always a coop. We team up. So, yes, this means there is some work for you to do too. If you are looking for a interior designer who will impose a certain style or trend and just drop a load of stylish or not so stylish furniture items in your house; look further. If your wish is to go for character, originality and authenticity, truely fitting you as a person, then we may very well be a great match.

My interior design philosophy is simple; it’s about you. Your house, which will become your home. No worries; it will save you a lot of work and time if you decide to embark on this exciting journey with me. However, you will be the captain, that is for sure! Thinking of checking in? More info? Click here