Network, the real works.

Creating a good plan is one thing, actually realising it is the very important next step. In recent years I have built up a strong network of professionals. I have sought and found steady partners in all relevant areas to ensure that the design actually becomes reality.

The criteria are without exception high. These specialists simply love their profession. They often run small-scale, local businesses. Experience, high quality, reliability and a reasonable price are guaranteed. These top partners are often real hidden gems. They are characterized in particular by a high service level. And that is not self-evident in the field of interior. I am therefore very happy to work with them and in this way guarantee the level that I deliver, for the next step as well.

Whether it concerns the realization of a renovation, a roof terrace, a new kitchen, a bathroom, floorings, paintwork, wallpapering, furniture, or whatever; you are in good hands. You don't have to worry about selecting the right party. No endless search or visits to dozens of different addresses. After all, I have already done that for you. I ensure that design and realization merge seamlessly, by means of a clear briefing. Easy does it. :-)