the perfect present

one of my earliest memories is of my 2nd birthday. my parents gave me a lifesize cut out of Mickey Mouse, my idol, which they handmade themselves. I simply was over the moon and back. it still brings a smile on my face.

ofcourse, finding the perfect present is not easy. it takes some time. time to go and explore a little more about the person you are giving it to. what does he/she like? what makes him/her different? what makes him/her tick? what might help developing a hidden talent?

this festive season, take the time to reflect before you buy. no need to go and grab your saw to create lifesize cut-outs, but choose well where and what to buy. go for a vintage accessory, or a handmade item which already has lots of love in it. 

inspiration in abundance, right here at robins hood.