marie shopper laptopbag black

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Simplicity, elegance and practicality; the ideal combination.
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marie shopper laptopbag black

Where do chaos and order come together? In your bag! This beauty always accompanies you on the road, to work or a day into the city, whatever you want.

This ecologically tanned leather shoulder bag is ideal for everyday use. With zipper and a spacious front pocket that has an invisible magnet closure. In the bag you will find a large inner compartment with zipper for your valuables and two leather side pockets that are very handy for your telephone, public transport chip card or business cards.

This shoulder bag offers enough space for your A4 workbooks, among other things. Luz Marie fits perfectly over your shoulder and fits comfortably, also when biking. The bag has a zipper. The spacious front pocket closes with an invisible magnet. In the inner compartment with zipper you can store your valuables and the two small leather inner compartments are very handy for your phone, OV chip card and / or business cards. In short, the ideal shoulder bag for everyday use! The lining of Luz bags is inspired by Balinese poleng fabric. The black and white squares of the symbolize chaos and order and the essential balance between them. Isn't that exactly the same thing that happens in your bag? This checkered lining might also inspire you to build in a moment of rest in your busy daily life.

Material; ecologically tanned leather. Size; 41 cm x 34 cm

This bag was designed for you in Amsterdam and made with love in Spain.