robins hood

A beautiful product comes from a beautiful place.

Robins hood inspires and helps you to make life a little more beautiful. With a shawl or a vase, a bag, an object or a piece of small furniture which has a story to tell. 

It’s about hidden (or not so hidden) gems in life. Items that I have discovered for you - to be discovered by you. Hand-picked items, celebrating the joy and skill of artisans. 

Produced in a fair way, with respect for the maker and for nature - and all that they gave to give. the next chapter is yours.

About Robin; 

My work in the world of branding, fashion and lifestyle have taken me all over the world. Amsterdam has always been my base, from my childhood, this wonderful city has been my home and my sanctuary.

In 2013 I travelled to nepal, to visit, photograph and film the artisans that crafted jewelry. There, in one of the poorest countries in the world, I met women and men who were dedicated to their craftsmanship and to bettering their and their family’s lives. There was one woman in particular I will never forget; Heera. She told me that she was very happy and proud that she was doing work she loved, under conditions that were healthy and fair. By doing this she not only could support her family: her parents, her husband and her 2 children, but also creates opportunities in life for them. The biggest example being her 6 year old son going to a renowned school.

The moment I was at their home and he was ready to leave for school, wearing his backpack, I was deeply touched. In my own way, I could contribute to making a difference in their lives. It is then when the seed started to grow that now has become robins hood, situated in the neighbourhood where my roots have come to lie: the Amsterdam Jordaan.

I firmly believe that the heritage and origin of an item counts. It adds to its beauty, the happiness it brings. For you and for them.

Robins hood is my invitation to you. To discover items I discovered. To inspire you and make your life a little more beautiful. I will be happy to tell you their stories.