love local

ensuring choice and diversity.
innovation happens with small brands and independent designers. that’s a fact. they dare to experiment and go beyond the obvious. just because this is their nature. opportunities are created right there. bigger brands tend to have a more reserved and conservative approach to new innitiative and often follow these local trends with their offer, just when they seem to be picked up by a larger group. standing out from the crowd gets noticed fast. so, when this circle is round, independent designers will take the next step and create newness once again.

supporting the new generation.
going for local endorses the young, emerging artists, who are eager and ready to conquer the world of design.

transparency is possible.
the production process is simple and clear. often the products are created in an artisanal way, on a small scale, without factories involved. local production is traceable. many upcoming designers and small brands are able and more than happy to give you insight in the process.

reducing environmental impact.
obviously, the more local it is, the less transportation is needed. no planes, boats, even sometimes cars involved.

be surprised!
there is so much innovation and creativity taking place just around the corner. be amazed by the new and discover your own local treasures.