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Unique personal interior consultancy advice, starting from €750.

First things first - consultation

This is the starting point, or the basis of Your canvas, Your masterpiece and Your grand gallery packages.

  • We get to know each other and discuss the spaces for which you are seeking advice. Together, we try to capture the atmosphere that appeals to you in words, discuss the possibilities and we map out the desired residential functions that you want to realize in the space. This is how we sketch up the framework.

  • We establish the probable stages of the project you will involve Robins hood in.


First things first is free of charge and takes approximately 45 minutes.

Your canvas, a compact advice.


  • Atmosphere & colour: an abstract mood board visualizes the look and feel of your interior.

  • Basic layout: how to optimally use the space. Based on existing drawings of the room. 

  • Interior icons: 5 key furniture and accessories are presented in the document, as a basis for you to complete the full list of items to purchase.

  • Help with sourcing the chosen items. 

  • The presentation is sent by email, if you wish we can go through it by phone.

750 euro : Approx 8 hours. For instance living/dining area, bedroom or bathroom.

Your masterpiece, an extensive interior advice.


All of the above plus;

  • Layout: floor plan with layout proposals with the position of walls, furniture and fixtures (in PDF format)

  • Materials: which materials suit the interior you want to create?

  • Colours: where to use which colours and wall coverings?

  • Lighting: which type of lighting solutions are needed for the different uses of the room?

  • Window decoration: what kind of window decoration fits best with your interior?

  • Product overview: furniture and accessories are presented in the document, it forms the basis of what you can purchase, at which stores and what the target price is (in PDF format).

  • Advice for 1 stuctural update, such as bathroom, kitchen, flooring. Accompaniment to meeting external suppliers. 

  • The document is presented to you in person, over a good cup of coffee

1350 euro : Approx 14 hours. For instance living/dining area or bedroom/bathroom.

Your grand gallery, an encompassing interior advice.


All of the above plus;

  • Furniture & colour advice for multiple spaces (max 3).

  • Meeting multiple external suppliers (kitchen, bathroom, flooring, window decoration) and arranging quotations.

  • Assistance in sourcing furniture items.

1990 euro : Approx 21 hours.

Your canvas, your masterpiece and your grand gallery packages will lead to your personal interior presentation: defining your style, which atmosphere suits you? You will receive a document with atmospheric images to visualize your unique style, supplemented with concrete examples and solutions to organize your space (in PDF format).

Your autograph, the dotting the i interior advice.

The basics are there, the furniture has landed, your walls have been painted, the light plan is in place. To really make the space yours, this is the final step; accessorize! I will propose 6 key accessories and will guide you in how to start decorating your home.

490 euro : Approx 5 hours.

Signature service – the finishing touch to the artwork.

In addition to your sketch, your masterpiece and your grand gallery packages you can opt for;

  • Personal shopping: I accompany you to various interior stores and advise you on making the right choices and combinations. Alternatively; I can share a listing of shops where your will most probably find what you are looking for.

  • Styling on location: I come to your home to style your interior and really put the cherry on the pie.

  • …. Any other interior design, decoration or styling request you may have.

These services are charged on an hourly fee base of €99. A prognosis of the number of hours is shared with you upfront.


Good to know

You will receive all presentations digitally, via email, making it easy to share with others. Samples of materials and colour swatches can be provided on request and upon availability.

Wish to go 100% digital? Do you live outside of the Amsterdam area? Is your home not ready yet? No time to arrange a meeting? On request, the above services are also available on a fully online basis. 


For all the above holds; if you have feedback and changes need to be made, Robins hood will provide these. That way you are sure you get the plan as you wish; the blueprint of your very personal and unique dream home.

1 correction round is included in the package, per stage, provided the number of hours allows so. More is always an option, and will involve an additional fee.

Fees - The hourly rate is 99 euro. All prices are including VAT.


Travel expenses – Amsterdam no travel expenses are charged. Outside of Amsterdam, within 65 km from Amsterdam center, 1 hour fee is charged. Parking expenses are charged when applicable.

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