Interior design

subdued and exuberant. modern and vintage. neutral and colorful. sleek and frivolous. at first glance maybe contradictions, but in the right balance they make a unique and exciting unity. truely handpicked items with a story. your story. a new chapter is written by you in your new home.


an interior in collaboration with robins hood is always unique. discovered for you, discovered by you. no style from a magazine or a trend. more content, more individuality, more your personal atmosphere. selected and proposed by me. the signature is made by both of us. you will certainly find a predilection for minimalism and vintage, but also eclecticism. the style of robins hood is not easy to capture under a heading, it iss characterized in particular by tasteful versatility and is always timeless.

good taste does not always have to be very expensive. the versatility of robins hood also manifests itself in this; a unique mix of high end design with more accessible items gives it its own, exciting and innovative effect. robins hood has the right contacts to source these gems.

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