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What others say.

'Robin has an amazing eye and was an absolute joy to work with in helping redecorate the interior of my new home in Amsterdam. From paint, to wallpaper, to kitchen redesigns, to lighting, to furniture and beyond, he's got a great eye for bringing your personality into your home and making it your own. PLUS he's super friendly, well connected in Amsterdam, and a joy to work with! Can't recommend him enough!!' - Eli, via Facebook

'Robin helped us for our new apartment in Amsterdam. He helped us redesign the kitchen which was the initial request but helped us even more with many design ideas for the living room and even some walls/rooms adjustments. His sense of design is strong, he knows how to mix styles in such a good way with the perfect taste. He quickly understood what we wanted and was a great support and adviser all along and we were not easy:) Always listening and observing he never imposed anything and constantly tried to bring new ideas or solutions. I would ask for his help again without any hesitation, we felt he was a partner to us and we loved having him for this new home project.' - Diane, via Facebook  



'Working with Robin is an absolute pleasure. From the first contact he is very attentive and knowledgeable and has a unique easiness of quickly understanding client’s needs. Throughout the entire process we feel very supported and can count on Robin’s clever solutions and expertise. Highly recommend working with Robin especially if you are into modern design.' - Magdalena, via Facebook

'Robin helped to designed several living spaces in our home with the most thoughtful process. We love it all! His attention to great style and quality, while keeping our interests at the forefront of the process is definitely one of a kind. I highly recommend Robin's shop and his interior designing!' - Megan, via Google and Facebook



'Robin is an all around great guy who understands his clients just as well as he understands how to create a true home out of what can sometimes be described as just a house.

Bonus points for: flexibility and availability, a genuine sense of positivity and a great sense of humor.

From a more professional lens, here’s why we would hire Robin again:

1) Designers have a responsibility to challenge you to be brave when decorating a new house and Robin was great in testing and probing our barriers, resulting in strong ideas with regards to contrasts, colors and textures with our open kitchen and living room;
2) Robin was particularly attuned to how depth and texture would help bring character to the space;
3) Robin was critical in connecting us to a fabulous network of contractors in Amsterdam, be it for curtains, floors or walls - he knew the right people for the job and this in itself was completely invaluable.' - Camila, via Facebook

'Robin was fantastic!! From the initial consultation to the full project delivery, Robin was able to support me all the way through all the intricacies that emerged throughout the way. I would have no hesitate to recommend the services to anyone looking for one of the best interior designers and project managers in Amsterdam.' - Mark, via Google



'Robin has a wonderful eye for detail and his focus is very much in what the client likes and wants.Robin is helping us remodel a house we have just bought and is helping us making our own stamp on the property. We couldn’t have done this without his help. Highly recommend Robin!' - Claire, via Google

'Robin was able to understand and implement a design that perfectly fits what I had in mind for my new house, taking into consideration my ideas and the budget I had planned for the project. He delivered it on a pretty good time and was always promptly available to help me whenever I needed it. I'm super happy with the result, and I couldn't recommend his services more.' - Pedro, via Google

'I've long been a fan of Robin's wonderful shop in the Jordaan which always has stylish and eclectic objects to beautify any home. But I am now also a fan of his interior decorating consultancy as Robin was a great partner to me in figuring out the colour scheme and decorations for my new home. It's like having a best friend with fabulous taste and all the know how about how to put a scheme together, find great suppliers and objects, and to make a house a home. Thanks!' - Sarah, via Facebook

'Buying your first home on your own, and deciding how to design it, is no simple task. It is easy to doubt yourself and not know where to begin. I could not have done this without the incredible and knowledgeable Robin. Every step of the way, Robin was there to help guide me. From finding a floor company, painter, and handyman, to picking out the right paint & wallpaper color, Robin has an incredible eye for design while also being conscious of budgets. I truly feel I am living in my dream home after having the pleasure of working with Robin. I highly recommend him on any future design projects or consultations. Thank you, Robin!' - Taylore, via Google

'We would highly recommend Robin’s interior design consulting service. He is very attentive and carefully takes into account the personalities and tastes of his clients. We were impressed and happy with his suggestions for our house. Robin also takes client service very seriously. He is responsive, flexible and a pleasure to work with. We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience!' - Marina, via Facebook

'We engaged Robin to plan and design our Amsterdam renovation. Robin is a delightful chap to work with. Robins talent and eye for detail shine through in his designs. Combine this with his network of suppliers and contractors you have the trusted partner you need in Amsterdam. I'd estimate for every euro I spent with Robin I received 20 back in discount from his network. Perfect.' - Alasdair, via Google

'I cannot recommend Robin highly enough! We used Robin to help us with the styling of our living/ dining room, master bedroom, and to help plan our kitchen renovation which is being done via one of his suppliers (who we’re also very happy with). While there are many things I’ve been so happy with while working with Robin, I’d say the biggest blessing has been that he just truly makes the process so easy and enjoyable. Robin listens well, does a great job at turning your wishes into something really unique and spectacular, he is super reliable and responsive (he always responds or delivers when he says he will !! which is not always the norm when dealing with anything to do with housing/ building/ decorating etc.), and last but certainly not least, he was a joy to work with! Thanks so much Robin for everything. :)' - Shannon, via Google

'I had a wonderful experience working with Robin on the design of my living room, dining room, and bedroom in my new apartment. Robin’s portfolio really resonated with me from the many interior designers I reviewed - he brings the perfect mix of simplicity and timelessness with unique touches and fun personalisation.

Robin immediately understood what I was looking for in the design, and his proposal was high quality and really captured what I was looking for (while also pleasantly surprising me with some things I wouldn’t have picked out myself!). We needed to do very little iteration, but when I had follow up questions or changes Robin was very responsive and helpful. He was also flexible with my budget, which I appreciated.

On top of it all, Robin brings so much joy to his work and I enjoyed every interaction with him. His passion for design and making his clients happy really comes through in everything he does. I would highly recommend Robin and hope to work with him again on future projects. Thank you Robin for making my home purchase feel so special!' - Erin, via Google

'Robin has been a fantastic help in creating a conceptual plan for our interior. His working method is very transparent, everything is negotiable and he has a lot of knowledge of good addresses and brands - exactly what we struggled with! If you are considering an interior makeover, I would definitely recommend Robin. Thank you Robin, for your positive energy and practical approach!' - Alies, via Google

'We worked with Robin to pick out furniture and decor for our new home in Oud Zuid. Robin was such a pleasure to work with and picked out some fabulous furniture and decor for us, always keeping our budget and timeline in mind. He was always quick to respond to my emails and chats, even after we finished our project. Our place is really coming together and we couldn't have done it without Robin. I highly recommend Robins Hood if you need help with making your home beautiful.' - Emily, via Google

'Robin was an incredible help with designing the interior of our home. My partner and I knew what we liked and didn't like, but couldn't get past the next step of bringing that to life in a design. He was attentive, responsive and made sure that we liked each piece he recommended to us. He has made our first house feel like it truly belongs to us. I can't recommend him enough!' - Shay, via Google

'Robin's assistance in designing our house was amazing. He helped us take the things we like and turn them into a beautiful, cohesive design. He was easy to work with and was very responsive. He was affordable and always made us feel like his most important clients. It made a very intimidating process feel enjoyable and fun. I highly recommend him!: - Tom, via Facebook & Google

'Robin was amazing with helping us figure out how to make our new apartment look like "ours". He made a comprehensive powerpoint presentation with all the ideas/products that we have looked at again and again as it has been time to make a decision!' - Charlotta, via Google

'It was a pleasure getting to work with Robin. I was very impressed with how communicative Robin was through out the process. He took the ideas I had for my apartment and was able to turn into something I can really visualize. Not to mention, he also put me in touch with the good contractors he knew and that was super handy. If you are looking for help with styling your apartment, give Robin a call. You will not regret it.' - Sri, via Google

'Robin has tastefully decorated our living room and dining room. His great advice on the use of wall colors and wallpaper has turned them into very beautiful spaces. I thought it was daring at first, but we are so happy with it now !! The spaces merge nicely into each other. He also advised us on the furniture, lamps and carpet. Robin listens carefully to your wishes, thinks along very well and delivers a complete advice.' - Martine, via Google

'From the moment we met with Robin at his studio, we knew we were in great hands! Robin took the pre-work we did, asked good questions, and turned around a proposal for us on a tight timeline. He also helped us source contacts for all of the work we needed done, which was extremely convenient. Throughout, he was extremely responsive & with us every step of the way! The result: a plan to transform our newly purchased apartment into an apartment that truly feels like our home. Thank you so much — highly, highly recommend!' - Ryan, via Google & Facebook

'I have enjoyed working with Robin on the interior design and styling of my new place.

In addition to having a great taste and plenty of resources, Robin is flexible & creative enough to adjust to one's personal taste.

I would highly recommend Robin's services.

Also to add, everyone of my friends to whom I recommended Robin had the same feedback. :-)' - Serena, via Facebook

'We had been searching for inspiration for our new home and came across Robin’s portfolio and was immediately amazed. Color combined with design, great use of layout and furnishings to complete the picture. We had an initial conversation with Robin which he used to gain an idea of our wishes and personality and then transformed our apartment into a home. Robin was really flexible and understanding of our wishes and changes, provided us with alternatives and sourced all our products and assisted throughout the process. Highly recommend Robin not just for the great quality of work but also the affordability in terms of the sheer quantity that you receive. Thank you Robin.' - Mack, via Google 

'Robin is a pleasant, professional and realistic advisor. he listened carefully to our wishes and came up - within budget - with a beautiful proposal for furniture, wall design and lighting. We went from a newly build concrete house to a warm and embracing home.' - Frederik, via Facebook

'Robin is really kind. Honest with his opinion, and not afraid to explain to you why an idea in your head may not be good in reality :) Good value, always responsive. Overall a great service, would recommend to a friend!' - Venu, via Google

'It was such a smooth and great journey with "Robins hood". I had lots of questions & concerns about my interior before working with Robins hood and after a couple of meetings, Robin did a very nice proposal that suits well my home. Not to mention, the prompt support and comprehensive content that Robin shared throughout the process.' - Farah, via Google

'We had an amazing experience with Robins hood! Robin helped us with the interior design of our entire house and we are very happy with the results, as well as with the way we got there together.

'Robin is very pleasant to work with, extremely helpful, punctual and listened very well to all our wishes. He translated them into wonderful design ideas, came up with great out-of-the-box solutions and took on all the research and the practical side, so it was a surprisingly stress free journey for us. The result: our house is becoming our home, full of style and harmony and it still feels like us!' - Judith, via Google

'Robin is a master at his craft and he created a wonderful home for us, one that we now actually love! He's been with us for a couple of years now doing various projects as we improve our house bit by bit, and he has done so with patience, understanding, inspired choices, and an aptitude for balance, variation, and coherence.

In addition, he listens exceptionally well but is also confident enough to propose something new and exciting, really taking your ideas and thoughts to the next level.

We have found our designer, and we're sticking with him for our next projects too. Thank you Robin!' - Alex, via Google

'I recently had the pleasure of working with Robin on transforming my small apartment, and I couldn't be happier with the results. He found brilliant solutions to maximize comfort and optimize every inch of space without compromising on style or personality. His keen eye for design and innovative approach turned my cramped quarters into a cozy, stylish haven.Beyond his design skills, Robin is a warm and approachable person. He is a great listener, truly understanding my needs and preferences, yet he also knows how to guide decisions effectively and help make fast, confident choices. This combination of empathy and expertise made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. I highly recommend working with him!' - Annalisa, via Google

'We have great experience with Robin! He took the time to understand what we were looking for and from the start he delivered really good advice - stylish, timeless, and at the same time very practical. Perfect!

All his recommendations were easy to understand and implement and will make a big difference in the warm, home feeling we want. We really valued his creativity - he can select eclectic items and bring them together into a whole vision. Communication has been easy and fast the entire time we've worked with him. Totally recommended!

Robin also keeps going above and beyond. Not only did he give great design advice, but even long after he keeps helping us order the items with exclusive discounts, and also bringing us in touch with trustworthy and high quality help from painters and contractor.

Long story short - go with Robin!' - Matt, via Google

'Working with Robin was a delight; he effortlessly understood my style with only limited inputs provided. He was able to translate this into a detailed and warm design for my appartment.Throughout the process, Robin is very communicative, professional, and attentive to detail. He has great connections with whom he puts you in touch. The final outcome exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Robin to anyone seeking an interior designer who truly listens and delivers exceptional results.' - Faas, via Google

'Robin is like a wizard in the world of home projects, magically knowing what we want before we even mention it – and he's always spot-on! Incredibly skilled, polite, and accommodating, he effortlessly turned our ideas into reality. Such a pleasure to work with. 5 Stars!' - Fleur, via Google


'Robin helped us with the interior of our new home. The biggest contribution was to help us think out of the box, with ideas we would have never brought to life without him. I love our new wallpaper in the dining area and amazing wall colour. He listened when we asked for a darker colour palette, his own style is a bit lighter and brighter than ours. What is also super helpful is his experience in projectmanagement, planning and budget, you can trust him to give you clear answers and schedules. - Anneke, via Google

'We hired Robin to help us design the main floor of our new home. He was always quick to respond to our questions, has a great design sense, and really understood what our new space needed. We would highly recommend Robin for big or small design jobs. Thanks Robin!' - Eric, via Google

'Highly recommend Robin. I contacted Robin for my new (small) apartment in Amsterdam and I’ve been very satisfied with his work.

In general, Robin had put a lot of effort in fully understanding my general taste. And he is also very clear about what works well and what not. Robin also works very transparent if it comes to costs and takes into account the customers constrains on personal budgeting (which was important for me)' - Justin, via Google

'We just moved from US to Netherlands and wanted to decorate our new place with Robin's help. He was professional, customer oriented, had a fair price for his services, and has a very artistic eye that is very in line with the Dutch style... which was a hurdle for us, after being used to the US style. I regret only not following his advice right away and spending more time doing research on my own on some of the items to arrive at the same recommendations he offered.' - Tatiana, via Google

'I contacted Robin to help with my first home. He gave me great guidance and excellent ideas. He is really easy to work with and he was exceptional to assist me in each step of the way. I am really looking forward to hiring him again when I will start a new project. Highly recommended!!!!" - Alessandro, via Google & Facebook

'Robin not only understood our style & requirements, he also provided a lot of information & contacts to get our new place looking like our home. This is so valuable when you move to a new country & don’t know where to begin or who to trust :) We are more than excited to see all the plans starting to come to fruition!' - Liina, via Google

'We are really satisfied with our collaboration with Robin.
First and foremost, the quality of the output was exactly what we were looking for when looking for an interior designer: he proposed furniture and deco icons, a new colour palette, different textures…. All of them completely in line with our taste, but items we would not have been able to think of ourselves. At the end, we chose almost every one of his initial recommendations with very little variations.
His approach and methodology perfectly met our expectations; he is straight to the point, provides key icons without swamping you with options, and helps find alternatives when needed.
From a budget point of view, it is very reasonable considering the volume and the quality of his work. He has also always been very reactive all along the project.
Last but definitely not least, Robin is a really nice person to work with.
We are really happy of the result and highly recommend working with Robin.' - Victoria, via Google

'Working with Robin was refreshing. He got the ideas I had in mind in a split of a second and he elevated them, he found the best stores in town and selected the items that would give a personal touch to my house. His advice opened my eyes! I would strongly recommend Robin to anyone who's looking for a creative interior designer who's able to advice and guide with rare sensitivity.' - Rossella, via Google

'Robin helped us decorate our new apartment earlier this year.
The communication with him was very easy and smooth. We had the first meeting where he got the picture of what we like and don't like and suggested the decoration from colors to furniture accordingly. He picked very stylish and good quality furniture and we love the wall paint color and wallpapers that he suggested as well. We are very happy with his work and would definitely recommend him as an interior designer!' - Sashko, via Google

'Very pleased with the whole service Robin offered. Put together a smart, warm, and cohesive design for my new apartment. Excellently incorporated any feedback I had on the design. He put me in touch with experienced and trusted contractors who are carrying out the work as I type.' - Edmund, via Google

'We were very happy with Robin. He contributed with ideas to the layout of the house and the furnishings. He also recommended specialists that provided very professional work for a very reasonable price and all of whom kept their agreements. Robin is an expert, thinks along very well and knows how to give your home more atmosphere. And not unimportant: he is friendly and it is very nice to work with him.' - Vera, via Google

I had the pleasure of working with Robin on my own home and I can confidently say that he exceeded my expectations. His approach is professional and customer-oriented and he listens carefully to your wishes and ideas. What I especially appreciated was his ability to understand my personal style and translate it into a beautiful design.

Robin not only has an eye for aesthetics, but also for functionality. He thinks about how you can make optimal use of space and how you can beautifully design practical matters such as storage space and lighting. So, if you are looking for an interior stylist who will take your home to the next level, I can highly recommend Robin.' - Sebastien, via Google

'Great quality of work, responsiveness and understanding of what we wanted. Really recommend Robin!' - Thais, via Google


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