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What is the process of an interior design project?

Each project is unique. The first step is to set up the initial consultation, so we can discuss exactly what you are looking for and see if I can help. I will gather the necessary information to be able to define your style. I then make a custom proposal of the deliverables, which we finetune together. When you decide to work with me, we make agreements on meetings and how the deliverables will be shared with you.


Do I need to prepare for the initial meeting?

No, you don’t. I will simply guide you through some questions and we will casually chat on what you are looking for.

How far ahead should I start the project?

Depending on structural changes to be made, ideally you would want to start 3 months prior to implementation. If you are on a tight deadline, please share that information as soon as possible. I will always do my best to accommodate your needs. However please do note that lead times for constructional changes and custom furniture are long.


How long does a project take?

Each project is unique. As a rule of thumb, a project takes 1-2 months, from start till final design.


What are the costs of an interior consulting project?

The costs are depending of the scope of the project and the number of hours needed. Packages start from € 750. A quote will follow after the first free introductory appointment.


How quick can you start on a new project?

My availability varies. Feel free to get in touch and inform on this upfront. Since I work alone and wish to provide a high level of service, there is a limit to the number of clients I work for at the same time.


How do I start a project?

Simply get in touch by clicking here.


Do you take on projects outside the Amsterdam region?

Yes, I have worked on many projects outside of Amsterdam and abroad. The scope of deliverables may vary according to the location, this will become clear after our first meeting. In general, a visit of the property within the Netherlands is always a possibility.

Do you design interiors for rentals?

Yes, I do. I can certainly help making your rental apartment really yours, also taking into account possible restrictions your landlord may have on semi structural changes to the house.


Could the project be executed on a fully online basis?

Yes, it can. Ideally, in the process I would love to visit your place. However, sometimes due to location, your availability or due to timing of delivery of the house, this is not possible. No worries, I can perfectly work from floorplans.


Do you offer consultancy services for houses which are part of new construction projects?

Yes, I do. I have helped many clients guiding them through the major decisions which are to be taken when buying a new to be built house.


What are the advantages of hiring an interior designer?

Many! 😉 First and foremost, you get a partner who helps you in the complex world of making your house your home. I know the way. I will guide you and connect you, saving you time and helping you making the best decisions. I will also eliminate the ‘stress of choice’ which is a big thing when looking into designing, decorating or styling your home. The process will become efficient and fun!

Can you recommend specialists to implement the design?

Yes, I have a great, wide network of specialists in all fields, such as floorings, kitchens, bathrooms, custom built ins, handymen, architects, general contractors, garden / roof deck specialists, etc.


Do you offer construction coordination services?

No, I don’t. I work together with a team of highly skilled, experienced specialists with whom I would be happy to connect you. I will help you selecting materials and getting a quote. For efficiency reasons, the communication after this, goes directly with you as a client. In case you do wish to work with a construction coordinator to manage the implementation, I can recommend and connect you to a specialist in my network, ensuring a seamless transition.


Do you stick to one specific style?

No. I am there to help you discover your style. I do have a signature, which becomes apparent from my portfolio.


Do you work on all price levels?

I take into account your budget. I do wish to be able to guarantee a certain level of originality, quality and durability. This implies a certain price level, which I am happy to share with you upon request. That being said, I am all about mixing and matching, so some items you will find highly affordable, others may be a bit of an investment.


Can you help with purchasing furniture?

Yes. I have a great network of furniture suppliers. Via which I can also get you a nice discount.

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